52 Week Money Challenge & 30/30 update

52 Week Money Challenge
52 week money challenge
52 week money challenge

Have you seen this yet? I bet you have! I googled the image right quick and this is the first link that popped up. They say they didn’t make the image either, so there you go.

Michael sent me this just a few hours ago, so I need to catch up out of this weeks paycheck. What a fabulous way to save almost 1400$ by the end of the year! Assuming I don’t dig into it that is, but barring emergencies I think we can. I also have that Keep The Change the bank does, so that contributes to our savings as well. I admit, I dig into that often enough it doesn’t build up.

Somehow seeing the chart made me realize how easy it should be to put some money aside. In an abstract kind of way I always mean to, but never do. Something always comes us. I can totally snowball a dollar a week though!

If you are wondering, I started my 30 in 30 today. I have an entire normal sized Target bag of mixed girls and boys clothes to get out of the house and give to a friend. I also have a small, but growing pile to donate once it will make a full bag (or two!). Baby steps my friends, but that Target bag was filling a smallish basket that is now empty and ready to be a hamper again!



    • I love this idea. I almost never carry cash, so my “Disney” jar that I’ve had to toss coins and cash in for two years has something like a whopping 65$ in it (and I think the coin counter on it is busted, so probably less!).

      I do our bills every other week on payday, so setting up a bank transfer, and scheduling a second for the following friday will be super quick.

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