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Happy New Year

happy 2014, happy new year

Happy New Year! 2013 (thankfully) didn’t bring too many surprises. Don’t get me wrong, there were some, just not as many as some previous years. This is a good thing!

#projectmemory, DIY, mason jar, memories, loose notesWe rang in the new year like always – on my bed watching the ball drop. All the kids saw it this year, which was a first. This morning I went through my memory jar and then packed it away and started a new one. I started #project365 to work in conjunction with my #projectmemory. Hoping I keep up both this year. I had an excellent collection of memories for 2013 even though I didn’t save one every day. Starting that weekly savings again. I failed a few months in last year and never managed to save more than a bare minimum out of any paychecks. I’m hoping to do better this year! Payday is Friday, so my week one starts then!

I’ve been away from Facebook for almost two weeks now (sans things that auto post like tweets and IG and replying via email to mentions) and it’s been glorious! Michael and I got one of the kids rooms cleaned up, toys and clothes sorted for trash and donate, furniture moved around. We got the downstairs started, my mountains of laundry are almost gone. My kids may not have enjoyed the first half of their winter break too much, but we definitely got caught up on all the “I’ll get to that later” backlog. I’m taking them to Disney tomorrow to see the Christmas lights before they’re taken down and then back to school Monday!

We have big plans for new flooring, painting, swapping bedrooms, all sorts of things for this upcoming year. I usually use birthdays as new year markers, but the calendar new year is a great starting point for big projects! We started this past week by picking up some closetmaid 2×3 cube storage pieces to slide under the kitchen counter (so 2×6 really) for some added pantry type storage. It slid right under where there should be bar stools, but I don’t think we’ve ever used that area as an eating counter, so perfect! I love how stupid tiny projects come together and turn into completed large projects.

I’ve rambled enough. Maybe this year month I can actually post a few times a week? Let’s try the month first, no big promises, no big failures. I’m thinking more recipes, more DIY, less forgetting and claiming there’s no time. I’ve got some essential oil DIYs already in the works for next week and a few weeks worth of menu planned as well. It’s a good start to the week :)

Have a healthy, happy and prosperous new year my friends!

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