Modified Motherhood, bringing up a new generation. Where punk meets parenting. Everything from school to scouts, tutoring to tattooing, recipes to riots. I’m a mostly natural, slightly modified aging punk. I can’t focus on one topic for too long, but I can write about a lot of topics, all of which relate to *parenting* in some way or another. Because that is what my life revolves around. For now. You can reach me at

Motherhood. Modified For Us.

Jennifer Johnpoll, azxure, selfie, modified motherhood

Jenn has been described as “the archetype of the next generation matriarch” – whatever that means. She resides in not-so-sunny south Florida. With her children working on being nearly grown, she dreams about living in a tiny house almost anywhere else. Jenn runs the technical aspect of Punky Moms. Whenever there is a tech problem, she fixes it. She is the great and powerful Oz. (stolen from Punky Moms)

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