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You would be appalled if you saw my home. I know I am. It’s not so much that it’s dirty as it’s cluttered. So cluttered. Not Hoarders cluttered, but I suspect it could easily get that way. I think part of it is, that’s just what happens when you have seven people in a house who are all into different things. I mean, we’ve got something like six bikes in the garage. Did you know that six bikes take up almost as much room as a compact car? So my goal for the next thirty days is to get rid of one item a day. Those items cannot already be garbage (a banana peel or a broken container doesn’t count), it has to be something that has just been sitting around, not being used. You know how they say if it isn’t beautiful or useful get rid of it? I’m kind of following that. 

I am using this 75 items in 75 days  as a model, so feel free to follow along. Right now I am decreasing it to 30 items in 30 days (with the intention of doing it again when those 30 days are up). This week (Jan 28 – Feb 3) I am focusing on clothes. My goal is to have seven items I don’t wear anymore out the door by the 3rd. I am starting there because, I suspect, I can do more than seven and that will make me feel good and look forward to whatever I pick for next week! I’m thinking books. We have a ton of bound books, but I only read on my reader anymore, so… I’m thinking out they go!

Just to add, although it should be obvious, I’m also trying not to bring *more* stuff into the house. Which will not happen entirely, but… well, I can only try.


  1. You can do it!
    I am not doing a plan like that, just making sure that I put more in the “rid” bucket than in my drawers as I put things away.

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