30 in 30 Week One

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30 in 30 Week One

  1. A Target bag full of my daughters clothes. She chose what didn’t fit and what she no longer wears and it’s off to a friend.
  2. Two containers of eight stamps each gifted to the second grade teacher. These were my stamps when I was actively homeschooling. They said things like “Super!” And “Terrific!” and the like. You know, teacher stamps that make kids smile. I’ve had them, no lie, for at least seven years. Seven. I haven’t used them in at least four. They have been living on my dresser, behind the jewelry boxes. Four. Years. I lied. I am a hoarder. A very picky one.
  3. Sorted and got rid of the remains of four of Michael’s grab bags. Most was junk. They were purchased for specific items that had already been gifted.
  4. Sorted my “junk” drawer in the bathroom. Gave my sister some toner and face soap I wasn’t using (so she can do what she wants with it), threw out some ancient makeup (no, really, I’m talking an eyeliner pencil that was 10+ years old!), some bits and bobs I had in my dreds a couple of years ago and reorganized the rest.
  5. Does getting rid of electronic files count? I cleaned out my old PowerBook G4 when I realized I had left a lot of files on there when I gave it to my kids a couple of years ago. The harddrive is pretty small on it, so clearing out a few gig was a great boon for M, who is currently using it as his school computer.
  6. M and I cleaned part of the kids room. I have almost all of their books (and that includes books to save for the grandkids!) on one shelf. I need a second shelf, but the current second shelf is old and falling apart, literally. I want to get to Ikea when I have a spare 60$ and get a second Billy bookshelf, which is a few inches narrower & taller than the 6′ shelf from Target. We gave away three boxes of children’s books via FreeCycle. This is the second book purge I’ve done in their room. It may be the last, at least for a while, as I’ve really pared down the “these were my childhood books and those are your childhood books” sections, sorted out the school sections, and the “big kids” books are lining the lower shelves. I also had M bring 2/3 of the kitchen set down, and need him to bring down the last piece, so we can clean it and maybe Craigslist it for a few dollars.
  7. E’s bike was supposed to go yesterday, but the gal was coming from N. Miami and decided it was too far to drive for a maybe. The darn bike is in near perfect brand new condition, but oh well.  It is taking up room in the garage, but I also expect to get 50$ out of it at some point. We’ll see.
  8. That’s it for this week, but day one really outdid my one item per day goal, so I still feel pretty accomplished this week!

pinned this this morning, and it’s perfectly me. I am addicted to organizing methods and things, but not actually doing the work. Hence my PURGE over the next few weeks. Reading that post inspired me to start on the kitchen (as opposed to any other room). I have to flit from room to room. I can’t focus on one room till it’s done, or nothing will ever get done. I’ll still be working on the shared kids room – I want to get rid of a bed (it currently has a loft bed being used as a stuffed animal bin) and bring the bunk bed down to the ground and move the desk. This involves purging most of their unused toys, so slow going. Hoping to have that done by the end of this week too!

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