Pack It Punch It Cards, lunchSo I shared this link (this link is no longer in service, archived page linked on 1/15/16) to twitter/facebook yesterday and it’s super cute. It’s a bit adult oriented though, insofar as it’s literally pack your lunch ten times and then you get to take yourself out to lunch. Well, my kids need to start packing their own damn lunches, and taking themselves out to lunch isn’t really a good prize at the end of two weeks IMO.

I already offer 1.50$ per meal made – which they don’t always take advantage of, but I planned to fully remind them of once school started back up in August. Then I found that website and was all Holy Shit What an awesome idea! They can keep track on their own AND decide if they want money or a pre-agreed on prize/treat at the end of the week! BTW, 1.50$ paid for each lunch packed is still cheaper than buying a school lunch and healthier and cheap labor. I win three times!

I just threw this together (see download at bottom of post). Really, it was super quick. I used the same general layout of the cards offered on the Lunch It Punch It page. I just tailored it to my kids and my needs. I have a beautiful 25% off your entire purchase coupon for Michael’s and I will be getting a “custom” punch (so my kids can’t cheat with a normal hole punch, although, if they do cheat, it’s on them because they won’t have a lunch!) and probably a bunch of other crap I don’t need (because Michael’s is like that for me). I have cardstock to print on, although if you have it, business card paper would be easier as it’s already perforated and set for for that.

I’m kind of ridiculously excited about trying this. Each card is good for two weeks to save on printing. I may make a new set that’s good for four weeks, but I plan to try this before I go crazy. I figured two weeks to wait for a “prize” was too long for my kids, but two sets of five should be perfect. They seem pretty down with the idea. Let’s see if it actually happens.

Lunch It Punch It Cards (20.6 MiB, 444 downloads)

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