Writing Prompt #4: Rich


Don’t worry. This should be the last word that gets a dictionary definition screen cap. Well, there might be one or two, but I don’t expect one for a while.

Only because I just finished writing “poor” does “rich” bring to mind money as well. But to get off of that particular definition of rich, I feel particularly rich in life. I have had so many blessings, and so much goodness, that I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m writing this on the anniversary of the death of my sister. Not everything is sunshine & rainbows all the time. I just believe everything happens for a reason, and maybe if all the bad stuff didn’t happen (or doesn’t happen), than all the good stuff might not happen, or just might not shine so brightly.

I’ll take a lifetime rich in experiences, and rich in love, before I trade those things in for a lifetime rich in money. I’m not saying I wouldn’t like both, but I wouldn’t give up what I have now in exchange for any amount of money.

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