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So busy.  So busy I started this post November 7! Yes, a month to finish a post. And honestly, it’s still not finished. I’m editing for content. I’ve had all these posts floating around in my head, and just haven’t had the time to make them happen. So post mush it is! On top of personal life busy-ness going on, I’ve had a well-needed swift kick in the arse about Punky Moms. It’s getting revamped, we’re posting again, we have some giveaways coming up. Exciting stuff! My own kids are so big now, and I forget how important it is to have that support when they’re little. In fact, with the drama going on with my eight year old, I’m finding it’s just as important to have that support when they get bigger! My boys we’re never so much trouble. You can sign up now using FaceBook or twitter, so there is no excuse not to come take a look-see.

Did you know there are David Bowie remixes? Ok, that just came out much stupider than I meant it. Obviously there are remixes. There are Labyrinth remixes. I squee’d. No, really. I was playing the what’s down this rabbit hole game on iTunes (you know, instead of google like I normally do) and wound up on a small set of four remixes of Underground. So I got them. And then I went on YouTube and found lots more. Michael likes to laugh at me because years ago I used to think his mash-ups were stupid being made with music I didn’t know and sounded like a bunch of noise. But then I found mash-ups with “classic” songs (classic, in this case, meaning music I recognize) and OMG I love them. And I love David Bowie. And I have always loved a good remix. Yes, a remix is completely different from a mash-up. Because I said so, that’s why. So go on YouTube and google David Bowie Underground Remix. You’re welcome.

Two of my three kids are going camping next weekend went camping November 15 – 17. Without me. They we’re obviously fine and I found a way to occupy myself other than writing. Now imagine the rest of this was written a month ago and adjust for time: I’m in a tizzy over one of them. I had a whole huge conversation with the scout troop leaders about it. I fully recognize it’s on my head, and not on the boys. But we barely know this troop, and it’s over an hour away, and he still doesn’t sleep through the night, and insert a million more concerns right here. Like supervision, and available food, and will they be near water because he isn’t a swimmer, and insert some more concerns here. Oh, and if he does get worked up, can you deal with it?

Long story short, they can totally deal with him. He isn’t the only “special needs” boy in the troop, and blah blah blah. We’re good. I’m still a little freaked out over it. I am well aware I am 100% more overprotective of the boy than I am over the other two. And I consciously recognize this and force myself to get over it and look at it differently. So he’s going camping.

E is going camping with her troop too. Biggest difference? I’ve known her troop for three years and I seriously think that makes the biggest difference for me. M just started this summer, so we’re talking months versus years. I suspect both will come back with amazing stories and a huge desire to do it again. I’m thinking we should go camping before the year ends and take advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures in South Florida right now.

I did promise post mush, did I not?

E has been diagnosed with reflux. For the past six or so weeks she’s barely eaten. I’ve taken to preparing plain food for her, which she will eat. We went tot he doctor for something mostly unrelated and that is what we came away with. In the past month, we’ve fought over her medication. She started taking it. Kind of. I’ve adjusted the food I prepare for her. I need to get her to take the stupid meds more often, but she has stopped whining so much about her stomach, and since she’s eating a little more she isn’t complaining about random aches and pains either. So win?

I had a whole thing about bullying I wanted to address, but I’m thinking that will wait for another post. You’re welcome. More food recipes to come, which is all you really want anyway. I know. It’s ok. It’s all I want too ;)

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