Home Improvements I Want To Tackle

Home improvements. I know we all have that one Pinterest board. The one with amazing ideas we need to tackle, want to tackle, but never seem to get around to doing. I’m just rounding up a few of my favorites. Maybe you can find your next project here too!

Obviously in absolutely no order. Not even realistic projects in some cases *cough*homespa*cough*. I have so much more on this imaginary to do list in my head… and I have some more down to earth things to do like replace water damaged drywall in some areas, repair electrical outlet covers, stuff like that. But Big Projects! Big projects are so much more fun to day dream about!

Why yes, while I am not busy daydreaming about my future tiny home I am busy daydreaming about remaining my current gigantic overcrowded home ;)

We have tons of (old, slowly breaking) shelves in our garage, but they aren’t quite the right size for our various bins. This would be perfect! 

Then again, better yet would be to just get rid of all that junk. I mean, I don’t even know what’s out there anymore.

I currently have an old bench by our front door, but this is really ideal. I could go a step farther and customize it around the (useless) window that is on that wall – down and under the ledge, or maybe just two small half tables? Something higher than the bench would be great!

I currently have an upright wood piano with a mirror sitting on top in my front room. I have been debating what we can do with it. It needs tuning, but I am afraid with the humidity here it might be a lost cause. I love the idea of using the shell for something like this! Better yet, I spotted this →

Which would let us recycle the insides too!

I have been dying to redo our dated tile floors with something either a little more current or a little more timeless. I love this idea. Wood is such a classic. However, it would have to be sealed, because humidity. I have been eyeing ceramic wood tiles – they’re gorgeous and look just like, and are textured like, real wood. 

I bought everything to make these *last* winter break. It’s all still sitting in my garage. I need to make these for my kids and get rid of their old dressers (that they don’t use anyway).

I love this. We have a cathedral ceiling (AKA the Colossal Waste of Space) for half of our two story home. We’ve toyed with this idea for almost 18 years, but we’d have to put in a second staircase. I am pretty sure that second staircase is 100% of why we haven’t put in a loft. Half the freaking house.

My kids have two plan old Billy bookshelves in their room from IKEA. I love the idea of dressing them up a little bit. I don’t know what I would go rainbow, unless the kids wanted rainbow, but I’m thinking we could paint them inside and out for something awesomely unique. Maybe add a little crown molding around the top as well to make them a little more fancy.

I need to pull the last of our carpet and re-floor. The stairs are going to be such a pain. Something like this seems super do-able though! 

I was thinking of just sanding and refinishing them, but I am on hod with that until we pick flooring, because you know as soon as I pick a stain for the stairs it won’t match what we pick for the floors. 

I am sort of obsessed with the idea of turning our downstairs full bath into a wet room. It currently has a tub-sized shower pan, so I’m thinking it wouldn’t be *that hard* of a conversion.

So says the girl who isn’t a plumber, painter, electrician, or tiler.

It doesn’t have to be a “spa”, but I figure, if I’m dreaming about a wet room, it may as well double as a steam room.

It also needs a spa style reclining chair. I’d love to have one of these in my home!

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