All Apologies

all apologies

Nope, not a devout Nirvana fan. Just apologizing for my blog spewing lately. You see, I wiped it. Entirely. Not before I saved all my posts as a PDF, you know, for posterity, but I wiped it just the same. It felt like time.

And then I tried a million different templates. And imported their sample data. And spammed all my friends with junk. Eek! So yes, all apologies for spamming you. I don’t think it should happen again.

So… new blog. New me? Hardly. It’s just time to do something more worth reading than I had been doing. So expect recipes and dance anecdotes and martial arts anecdotes and exercise complaints (no, not really), girl scouts, books I’ve read, crafty things I wish I had the time and stamina to do, autism frustrations… and anything else that it crosses my mind to ramble on about.

But no more spam.

Can I tell you how much it sucks that a year from now I will be looking back over my year and my first new post will be an apology about spam?

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