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I just picked this bundle for my kids.

We’ve brainstormed a bundle worth over $300 in the Humble Brainiac Book Bundle Presented by No Starch Press https://www.humblebundle.com/books via @humble

I’m a fan of life-long learning. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’m usually nose-deep in four or five books at a time, and one of them is probably an instruction manual. My Gram used to tell me that when I was little I asked how anyone wouldn’t be able to cook – the instructions are in a book! Yep, I have been a tiny bookworm for my entire life. I’ve also always been positive I can do absolutely anything, provided I can find thorough instructions written down somewhere.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited about some of those books. I’m hoping my kids will be as well. I took advantage of RadioShack going out of business and picked up a couple of soldering irons with “learn to solder” kits included so my kids can work on that skill. I picked up an “introduction to electronics” kit as well. The HumbleBundle came with some an ebook of geeky projects to make with your kids, hence the soldering. 

So “learn”…  I don’t love everything my kids are being forced to learn in school. I don’t love how many important things are being left out. What I do hope is that I am fostering the same love of life-long learning that I have in them. I felt the same way about school when I was in it as I do now, so chances are once they get over themselves and find whatever they are passionately interested in, they will find that independent learning isn’t as craptastic as they seem to think it is right now. 

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