Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Emergency response isn’t something I really give a lot of thought to. I’m competent in basic first aid. I haven’t had anything (knock on wood) happen to my kids or kids I’ve been in charge of that I haven’t been able to handle. I’m not up to date on CPR certification, but I have taken the course and (I think) I could administer it if needed.

On Sunday we were eating lunch at one of the Disney hotels and all of the sudden we hear a CALL 911! So half the restaurant did (Sara included) and a gentleman in the restaurant happened to be a doctor (we think) and proceeded to administer CPR to a toddler. I thought he was choking, but after the fact I heard he was just sleeping on the father’s shoulder and then the dad realized the kid wasn’t breathing. Scary stuff! I think it turned out he was having a seizure.

So anyway, after I reassured my kids that everything out be ok – I explained that Disney has its own fire department and ambulance and they would be quick enough. They watched the gentleman administer CPR and we heard the child give a cough and they rolled him over and you know, CPR stuff. One of the lifeguards showed up with the portable defib set and they kept the kid ok until the EMT showed up. Very quick response time too.

Once all the excitement passed and everyone dispersed (really, these events just wind up with so many extra people around!), cast members walked around and made sure everyone was ok, that no one was traumatized I guess. Eshiva told me that Disney is the happiest place on earth and things like that aren’t supposed to happen there. I explained that things like that can happen anywhere and that’s why it’s important to know how to response in an emergency (and we’ve finally gotten around to the point of this post!).

So now I’m thinking about looking for a child-centered first response class, or maybe teaching them myself. I’m just thinking that they will get more out of it from someone who isn’t me, or at least pay more attention and not expect mom to handle everything should an emergency arise. They can handle cuts and scrapes and bruises. I’m wondering if they are big/mature enough for a more in-depth first aid course though.

Have your kids taken a first aid class? How old were they?

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