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Half Sheet Menu Planner

Half Sheet Menu Planner Decided to dust off my old half sheet menu planner and see about using it again. It’s just a half notebook that holds 5.5″x8.5″ sheets. Originally I had cut a bunch of notebook paper in half, but I decided that printing on said pages would save me some time. Et voila, a half sheet menu planning page is born! It’s much nicer than that cropped thumbnail leads you to believe. Really. Well, it’s still just text and lines, but it’s not squished text and lines at least.

This image is meant to be printed on 5.5″x8.5″ paper. That means you can print it twice on one sheet and then cut it. I was printing it directly onto notebook paper I had already cut, hence it not being set up for a full size sheet of paper. Nothing super fancy, but it has so far proven to be super useful! I’m obviously in planning mode, and I plan to have the next ten weeks ready to go soon enough!

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