Neat & Tidy

Divest the Mess

This weekend I was lucky enough to have another overnight vacay at KOA Kissimmee. I was even luckier (this is debatable) to be rained out of our tent plans and be able to upgrade to a […]


The last day of school…

…does not equal rest and relaxation. At least not in my world. I’m all for a lazy summer. And I guess, between the five (six, seven, eight) of us, we have one. But cram all […]

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Summer Cooking Camp

Summer Cooking Camp at Sur La Table

I got this awesome email from Sur La Table this morning. No lie. I love that store. I think it ranks first in my list of kitchen porn stores to shop at, right before Williams […]

Summer Days

Summer Days

Summer is creeping up on us and I’m trying to figure out what it will bring my family this year. Pretty much every single plan (vacations included) I had has been cancelled for one reason […]