99 Things I Will Teach My Children

I love a good list. First I barely got to 50 things. Then I almost couldn’t limit this to 99 things. Maybe your 99 are different, but this list… this list, along with all of […]


Curated Miscellaneous Stuff

Since my birthday is coming up soon, and since I’m not winning the lottery for my birthday and getting to go on a huge shopping spree, I’ve curated a list of stuff I’d get if I did […]

Neat & Tidy

Home Improvements I Want To Tackle

Home improvements. I know we all have that one Pinterest board. The one with amazing ideas we need to tackle, want to tackle, but never seem to get around to doing. I’m just rounding up […]

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My Definitive Family Camping List, YMMV

We finally went camping two weekends ago! I only spent forever making a camping list, researching, trying to decide what we had to have and what we could skip, where we could go and what we […]