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Food Shopping, Mostly Paleo-Style

Let’s talk about food shopping. It sure is an entirely different animal than any other type of shopping. My style is “mostly paleo, which some gluten-free thrown in”. Which leads to this: This pin, which points to Practical Paleo, is one of my most pinned pins over on pinterest. How many more times can I say pin? It point to a blog about shopping for paleo food at Aldi. You now, on a budget. It can be done! How I wish that pin was back to my own site! Stepping away  ...

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Sleep Away Camp Time

I feel like it’s barely been long enough to need another sleep away camp time post, but here we are, a year later. It’s absolutely that time again. See, camp last year was a sensation. Camp was such a hit that we pre-paid for camp (I only underestimated by 6$!) waaaaaay back in February. 

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Cookie Time!

Well, that time of the year is upon us again. No, I am not talking about the Valentine Season. I’m talking Girl Scout cookie time.  Cookies went digital! If you live out-of-state and would like to buy some cookies from Eshiva, or if you want to donate cookies to be sent overseas, you can use this page to do so safely!  Rather than putting my daughter out on display at the local grocery store (I am totally putting her on display on this post), hawking sugar-filled crack  ...

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