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Gifted Children

I have a laundry list of things I want to blog about. I think I have five half written posts just sitting in my drafts folder. But first, before I even get back to those, I want to talk about “gifted” children. I’ve actually be percolating this post over the weekend.  I started this post in February. of 2013. Weekend my arse. I’ve been sitting on this for over a year, and find myself with the same problems with a new child. Calming myself down never quite seems  ...

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The last day of school…

…does not equal rest and relaxation. At least not in my world. I’m all for a lazy summer. And I guess, between the five (six, seven, eight) of us, we have one. But cram all those plans together, and it makes for a lot of runaround! I have therapy, work, dance camp, tae kwon do camp, girl scout camp, boy scout camp, a week traveling, a couple of overnights I’d like to plan, a couple of trips to the Keys I’d like to plan, visiting to do… man, the summer will be  ...

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Meal Prep & Planning

I just finished planning out my meals for next week. I leave some wiggle room, and we often wind up moving meals from one week to the next. Overall, it works out well, and it lets me plan what to shop for and what to defrost when. I know I’ve touted meal planning before. I’ve linked to services that do all the planning for you. (eMeals is still one of my favorites, but I also like Holistic Squid, Once A Month Mom and a few others) I love them. But I cannibalize them. I mix up  ...

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Cursive Survivors

Earlier I shared a link on Facebook about schools no longer teaching cursive in school. With the advent of Common Core (which is a whole other ranty blog post waiting to happen) it is no longer required, and according to the article in question, it is already not required in 41 states.

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