Free Range Parenting

Free Range Parenting

Free Range Parenting. I love that term. Today I am waiting at Starbucks, across the street form Barnes & Noble, waiting on a client. My boys, who opted not to go to camp this summer, […]


Round Up, Slacker Style

I read a lot of blogs. A stupidly huge amount of blogs. Most of them are for recipes. It’s the least expensive, laziest way for me to build up my recipe obsession. You see, I […]

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Gluten Free Disney

I want to preface this with, we are not an allergy family. I just put us all on a “crazy” diet (according to the kids anyway) I don’t mean to imply or lead you to […]


Money Money Money Money Money

Is anyone else singing (or just hearing) the O’Jays in their heads? Yep. So I just deposited this weeks and next weeks savings into the savings account, so I have a grand whopping total of […]