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August 2014


Writing Prompt #5: Comfortable

I was going to jump ahead to disaster, or safety, but as it turns out, my next word is perfect for what I wanted to write about today. Comfortable. It is coming on the heels of rich, and poor, and while this probably isn’t what I had in mind when making that list, what I am is comfortable. Comfortable in my neighborhood, in my life, in my values. This will make sense in a minute. Hear me out please. I’ve been following the news about Israel, and about the anti-Semitism that is  ...

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Blood Draws are Exhausting

Today was our once-a-year trek to the doctor’s office for an “official” height & weight, and usually little else. Trek is a bit of a misnomer. Our office is barely a ten minute drive away. But the visit itself was most definitely long and arduous. So trek it is. 

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