Meal Prep & Planning

I just finished planning out my meals for next week. I leave some wiggle room, and we often wind up moving meals from one week to the next. Overall, it works out well, and it […]

Cursive Survivors

Cursive Survivors

Earlier I shared a link on Facebook about schools no longer teaching cursive in school. With the advent of Common Core (which is a whole other ranty blog post waiting to happen) it is no […]


New iPod holder

I had a pretty popular post about using Command Hooks as an iPod holder (that link doesn’t work, don’t click on it). It disappeared when I rebooted my blog this year. I still stand by […]

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Breakfast Type Foods

Overnight Refrigerator Oats

I’m sure you’ve seen these overnight refrigerator oats on other blogs or food sites. They aren’t anything new and amazing in the world. Just to my kids. I have been making these this week so […]