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Small Business Directory

Everyone here is a small business. We need to lift each other up! Next time you are looking for that perfect something, think about looking here first. We all appreciate your business! If you want to be included, shoot me 1) a square photo of either your logo/your product/yourself 2) a short paragraph about what you do 3) what section you belong in (or what section we need to create) and 4) your link(s)! Please email these to  *MLM’s too! If you are  ...

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Autism, Parenting

Sudden Realizations

It’s been a hot minute. I’ve had M on my mind a lot lately. From good-natured complaining about his early morning antics to legit concerns about his future, there he is. Looming large. Literally. The other day while we were standing around chatting about whatever in the front room, I noticed how tall he’s gotten. I’m not exactly a giant. At a current five foot nothing, I’ve already begun shrinking. So as I often tell my kids, almost being as tall as me isn’t that impressive. He outgrew  ...

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Ehler-Danlos Syndrome, Getting Fit

Chronic Pain & Exercise

Exercise. It’s a dirty word. I almost started with “I don’t talk about my chronic pain a lot”. I think I probably bring it up more often than I think. I know I’ve been much more proactive on my Facebook about sharing EDS awareness, as well as general chronic pain information posts.  For the past eight or so weeks I’ve been making a concerted effort to exercise daily. It took me a year to really start this. It certainly wasn’t an easy  ...

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Living Life Out Loud

Watch out. I am about to date myself. Way back when the internet was new in households, we had a dial-up modem and a connection through Earthlink that gave us metered internet at 30 hours a month. We were big spenders. It was unmetered between midnight and say, 4 AM. I was a night owl. Telnet was my thing. NCOHAFMUTA anyone?    Back then, you didn’t share your real name on-line. Ever. You didn’t share where you lived, or what you really looked like. You could be talking to your  ...

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