Modified Motherhood

Autism, Ehler-Danlos Syndrome

Natural Disasters – Ruminating on Special Needs

Natural disasters are kind of disastrous. Go figure. Having just gone through Hurricane Irma, and now reading this post from Kveller, and having disabled members in our family, it got me thinking about our preparations and readiness. We made it through Irma with no problems. We were lucky when so many others were not. But we were ready. At least, I think we were ready. Our home was shuttered up with metal hurricane shutters. We brought in the camping gear, because it doubles as a  ...

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Tiny House

Prelude to a Tiny House

Despite not posting about it for over a year, I’m still all about tiny living. We’ve been, slowly, minimizing our needs while tempering that against not entirely doing without. One mans needs and all that.  A family of five has a lot of needs. An extended family of eight seems to infinitely multiply that. I often have to stop and remind myself that my needs aren’t my husband’s needs, aren’t my children’s needs, and aren’t my sibling’s or  ...

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Domestic Engineer, Parenting

Spring Bucket List (aka things we won’t do)

My kids are a little too big to care one whit about a Spring Bucket List, but for the sake of imagining we’ll do the fun things, I am sharing my list.  1. Watch the clouds. I used to love doing this. Now I find it ridiculously boring. I suspect that means I need to consciously slow down, chill out, and enjoy being in the now.  2. Make a fairy garden. I did this with all of my kids when they were toddlers. None of them still exist. Maybe we need to pick up a few cheap  ...

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Download, Planner

2017 Year-At-A-Glance Printable

I’ve been finally catching up on life, and that includes putting together my bullet journal for 2017! I would say it’s snuck up, but I’ve been (in)actively avoiding it like the plague.  2017 Year-At-A-Glance Printable In an effort to both be super productive and super avoidant, I purchased these shipping labels. Not for shipping but for printing full page printables for my bujo! Much less costly than full page stickers marketed as stickers. And then I spent  ...

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