Writing Challenge

I’m going to attempt to make my own writing challenge. Feel free to play along. I’m not so much aiming for a post a day as a “make a post using all of these themes, at some point”. Because I fail at post-a-day type plans. But I will do my best to go in order and see it through to the end.

Writing inspiration numbers 1 – 80.

Say Jenn, how did you come up with such a random list of words & ideas? Glad you asked! I looked up some other writing challenge posts, and didn’t love any of them. So I started my own list. I’m sure some of these words are on other lists. You know, because I was perusing them immediately before I made my own list. So I’m sorry if I sub-consciously stole from your list. I did go back a few days later and change over half the words. So it should be safe enough to call my own.

I’ll be picking a word as a theme for each post. It might be a picture. It might be a short post. It might be a full on dissertation. You never know! If you decide to play along, come on back here and share you link(s)!

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