What is art?

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You have no idea how much I didn’t want this to turn into a “look what my kid did today” blog. This was just too awesome not to share. And since I am not going to “specialize” (specialization is for insects) on any one topic… I’m letting it slide.

Part of my 30 in 30 yesterday included going through a bag of junk, and in the bag was a wooden bird. Did you guess it was in the same shape as the bird stamp on the napkin? Good. I gave that bird to my daughter, I guessed she would enjoy painting it. I guessed correctly. So tonight she painted it, and I guess (I did a lot of guessing in the past 24 hours) it was super wet so she wanted to blot it off. And then I heard it.

“Now that’s actual art!”

…  o_O   As opposed to fake art? As opposed to fine art? As opposed to finger painting? I have no idea. But apparently *that* is actual art. And because it is actual art, I will get a frame and put it up and (I hope) fifty years from now I will look at it and giggle and call my 58 year old daughter and remind her of the time she made actual art.

By the way, yes, it is on a (clean) Chipotle napkin. There’s some social commentary in there somewhere…

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