Summertime and the living’s easy…

I feel like I am forever behind. I started this post on 06/22. It’s now 07/08 07/17 and all my kids are home, we’ve been camping, and I’m looking to fill out the rest of my summer. Summertime seems to bluster in like an angry toddler and rush out like it’s ashamed of itself :( 

So I’m kicked back this week, waiting for M to get home. He’s home. Let the post commence. My house isn’t weirdly quiet, but his presence is certainly missed. My dad is taking my little one away for a week a couple of days before M gets back. She has gone and come back as well. I have one weekend with just the oldest and I’m trying to plan a day away with just us. This didn’t happen. Everyone sort of coalesced on the same day. The boy got home super late Friday night, the girl left in the early evening on Saturday. We wound up taking the boys to Orlando to camp and hit the waterparks.

summertime, road trips, driving, vacation, I worked through July 2, so I’m squeezing days in with my kids before we’re all officially off for the summer. I’m hoping to travel a little more, camp a little more. Steal Borrow the husbands enormous truck and pack it to the gills with the camping gear, a full cooler, and some swim suits and see where we wind up. I’m shooting for New Orleans, but I won’t be sad if we stop little short. That just means we have a new goal. This didn’t happen. We’ve done Orlando a couple of times. We tried to camp in a state park and discovered we’re KOA campers and not state park campers. We’ve bowled. We’ve sat around and bummed. We’ve gone to therapy, guitar lessons, math tutoring, shopping, visiting relatives, visiting friends, and exploring. Not in that order and not all at once. 

I’m hoping to go camping a couple of more times. We seem to like the Orlando KOA, because while we’re busy camping we can hit the water parks. I want to try out some of the more local KOA’s too though. The girl has a couple of weekend Girl Scout camps to plan around. Maybe hit the Keys. We went quite a few times last summer and not at all so far this summer. I guess it doesn’t help that the sun has just been brutal this year. I am sporting a tan for the first time in a decade or longer. Not due to a lack of sun screen, but a lack of reapplying it often enough for it to work in our tropical climate. 

Summer, you have almost arrived come to an end, and I can’t wait to revel in you finish you off with a bang. 

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