Oh yah, food and work and (maybe) other things


First of all, the husband made this this morning. And it’s deliciousness was awaiting me when I got home from work. What?! Back up. That’s right. Home. From. Work. Because I worked my first full day, not in my home, not computer-based job in over thirteen years. I cannot believe it has been so long, but I’ve been freelancing since March 2000. 

So, back to the food. I cannot tell you how amazingly good it was. It took me no time at all to pull it apart. It melted between the tines of my forks. It was a beautiful thing. And then the drippings! I got a big old soup ladle and ladled that shit all over full pyrex dish I had of meat. And then I cheated. Yesterday we stopped by Sav-A-lot for canned beans (because dried beans scare me – or I plan poorly, either way, right? And yes, beans = no bueno for paleo eaters, but hey, 80/20 people.) and spotted some GF instant potatoes. You know, to make into potato flour to make my kids STFU about bread items that I haven’t bought for a year now. But apparently my kids adore instant potatoes. Who knew? I hate the stuff. On the rare occasion my mom cooked and didn’t order in, we had instant mashed with instant gravy and overcooked meat. My mom was a lot of things, but a chef wasn’t one of them. So Om Nom Nom pulled pork served over eh instant taters with whatever it is that melts out of pork butt when it’s in the slow cooker for eight hours mixed with delicious seasonings. Seriously, I’m a bad Jew. I’m ok with that. Pig is a delicious animal (unlike, say, tilapia, which tastes like whatever crap you decide to throw on it and still manages to taste like cardboard).

My mouth was very happy. I don’t think it was just because all I had up to that point was two cups of coffee.

Did I mention I worked today? It wasn’t even super busy that I didn’t have time to eat. I just don’t eat at work. It’s weird. I never did. My daughter, however, decided her Moroccan skirt steak (leftovers from last night) was no longer good – the seasonings had turned a little green (turmeric) and she wasn’t interested. Thankfully we live not far away and the husband could come down with a replacement protein. Who turns down melt in your mouth grass fed Moroccan skirt steak? Seriously? It was amazing. normally I’m like grass fed, blah blah, I’m not rich (I’m feeding eight people, I can’t always afford the fancy meat) but this was on special and I am so glad I got it!

This is all over the place. I am exhausted. I didn’t sleep well from like, 3AM to… now and I’m hoping to make up for it tonight before I lather, rinse, repeat at 6AM tomorrow morning. I’m pretty stoked. I’ve been a fixture at the studio I’m working the desk at for the past almost five years, so the owners knew they were getting a bright red headed tattooed gal when I was offered the position. 3/4 sleeves today were acceptable, which meant I wasn’t sweltering in a cardigan (which I had with me and I was totally prepared to do) and since it’s summer there aren’t a ton of people in in hour waves, so I can ease into the ebb and flow of the job. Hopefully it stays about the same until I get the hang of it. I’m not a slow person, and being thrown in the deep end usually works out for me, but I’m not ready to deal with 40+ parents all at once when classes start/end once an hour. Craziness. My summer kid plans have even gotten put on hold. This was kind of a last minute job offer, and well, it was well timed as far as my household needs go. I’m all over Friday to Monday fun though!


  1. Yay! I’m glad you found a job that accepts you the way you are. I have to tone things down a little bit at work, which is a bit annoying. have fun!

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