Hellooooooo! It’s September!

September, Happy Labor Day

Can you believe it’s September? Labor Day Weekend even! I have had a few posts bouncing around since that last one. In July. Nothing I finished. Nothing I really wanted to share. 

School has been back in for two weeks. That means we already took our last trip of the summer. We already went back-to-school shopping. We set up notebooks, cleaned out backpacks, bought uniforms and shoes. 

All of my children are in the same school again. I’ve got 6th, 9th, and 10th this year. I’m running out of back to school shopping trips to complain about. It’s a daunting thought. We’re already prepping for college. In just seven short years the last one will be off on her own college adventure. 

I am consciously enjoying time with my kids, while consciously teaching them to adult so they can go and be the amazing people they are growing into. I am trying to be completely unselfish in the most selfish way possible. 

I’m sure my kids think I am the biggest asshole in the world for not doing this or that for them but instead insisting they figure out out on their own. So, selfish (or is it lazy?) because it relieves me of work, but completely unselfish because it will prepare them for life. This parenting gig is hard work, even when you’re trying to kick back and be lazy! 

Once all is said and done, I’ll have spent over 25 years being Mom. That is a long time.

I know you never stop being Mom. That said, you have to have a purpose other than keeping track of people you (maybe) have made, because eventually they are going to keep track of themselves. That is the goal! When that goal is met, we need to shout from the rooftops that we are still ourselves and we will not disappear into momdom.

I have a few pages in my BuJo dedicated to tiny houses, design projects, tattoo ideas, random thoughts, camping lists. You know, all the things that maybe aren’t *daily* things, but are absolutely the things that make up who I am and what I want to be. So I like to flip through them on occasion, work on some of the projects, add a few notes, and remind myself that today might not be the day, but it’s coming and I need to be prepared. I recently added a fitness page. It’s too early to say it’s a thing, but… it’s gonna be a thing. I guess I finally hit that place where I decided enough is enough, I gotta drop some of this weight and stop being a bum and making excuses. I’m hoping that means more energy and more time (in the long run) to do all those things that interest me. 

So, how about you? What do you do that is for you? Does it involve your interests? What gives you that drive to get up and do something new in the morning? 

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