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Since my birthday is coming up soon, and since I’m not winning the lottery for my birthday and getting to go on a huge shopping spree, I’ve curated a list of stuff I’d get if I did suddenly have a boatload of money and nothing better to spend it on.

Let’s get the pricey out of the way. The Airstream Classic. It claims it sleeps 5 – 6, which is perfect for my current needs. We could even drag my dad along, kicking and screaming, while we explored the continental US. He’d stop complaining once we got to the Grand Canyon. No, it doesn’t have to be an Airstream, but as long as I’m spending pretend money, I am getting the best. And this truck to tow it. Or something similar in its class. I want to have plenty of towing capability and not be worried about a few pounds here and there. No getting rid of rocks and food for me, Lucy

Now let’s get the bills out of the way. Are we done? Maybe if I were truly responsible with my imaginary money I’d have gotten the bills out of the way first. That said, if I was truly responsible with my real money, those bills likely wouldn’t be a thing. So there’s that. 

Oh, more realistic endeavors? I love this Neverland decal. My Macbook is decidedly naked right now. I like this TARDIS decal too. As long as I’m thinking about my laptop, a huge SD card to extend the memory in it. You know, since I almost never use my desktop anymore and more room means I’m not lugging around a million jump drives and external drives. 

This little bit of shiny is gorgeous. As is this one. In fact, that entire sellers list of good is gorgeous. I love their style. This one was sold, but it’s pretty too. And this necklace is fantastic.

This lotion is amazing. I got it for the middle son for the holidays last year and he loved it. And I thought about getting this for the oldest son, but he said he probably wouldn’t use it. I probably wouldn’t either, but it’s pretty cool too. 

These clogs. I’ve been told they’re super comfy and hold up for years. I miss my old clogs, which did last for years, and finally just wouldn’t be re-soled, or have the leather wetted and shrunk anymore. 

I’d open our own business. I’d get presents for all of my family. All like, fifty of them. Are we up to fifty yet? Probably. I’d start my Great North American Tour. I was just saying yesterday that when I get around to it, it’ll be legendary. I’d so pull the kids from school for a year (or two!) and unschool while we did it. No place better to learn than out in the places everything happened. 

I’m sure there is more, and it’s all related to lie on the road/tiny living. I’m a woman on a mission. I just don’t want a lot of stuff. I want less stuff.

My annual kid-free, fully funded birthaversary trip is coming up soon. I love that I am able to spend some true alone time with The Husband. I love that my dad is able to bus my kids around so I can do this trip every year. I’ve become a big proponent of Experiences over Things. I’m hoping to be able to give my kids more experiences rather than more stuff this holiday season. We’re going to remember things we did together (or exciting things I helped them to be able to do alone!) more than another crappy short-lived material gift.

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