A little melancholy during a closet cleanup

So we’ve been in major cleaning mode (which is sad, because really, we should have been doing some of this stuff all along) but this week we slowly cleaned out the closet under the stairs. I have big plans to renovate the house, and we’re getting it done minuscule amount by minuscule amount. This week seems to be focused on downstairs again.

board games, bored games, cleanup, game closetMy brother pulled out all of the eight million and five board games, and the standalone bookshelf, and the tiny metal shelf, and whatever other ephemera was stashed in that closet, and swept. My dad mopped. So far we’ve opted not to repair a few nail holes and paint, but only because a) it will be hidden and b) we plan to paint the entire downstairs at some point, and why paint twice? I know, I should be not-lazy for a change and do the hidden repairs now so I don’t have to do them later. But spackle. And paint. And the house is such a fugly Victorian blue because my mom decided to bring a little North-Eastern to the South and try and make it work. So I kind of just want to finally decide on a color scheme and do it all at once instead of doing a patch job now, and wind up having to do a patch job later. Bright side? We’ve looked at new flooring this week too, so one step closer to a color scheme! /tangent

Today I cleaned the standalone bookshelf top to bottom, grabbed two more shelves from an upstairs bookshelf that we’re getting rid of, and put the games back. 

Why so melancholy? I had probably an even dozen games the kids have fully outgrown. Such good memories playing them. A couple I got rid of because I *hated* those games *cough*OhThePlacesYou’llGo*cough*, but most they are just more than a few years too big for. It floors me that my baby is ten. It amazes me the eldest is fourteen. Most days I’m pretty sure the husband is still in his early thirties, let alone realizing I’ve passed my early thirties!

On the bright side, all eight million games are back away and off of my piano LOL


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