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The husband gave me his bluetooth keyboard. That means I can blog on the go! I had tried using my mac keyboard, but apparently once paired with a desktop, it doesnt want to be paired with anything else. Monogomous little thing ;)

I had an amazing menu planned for this week and it got derailed because I was bitten by my dog. I’m ok. The dog is ok. It was a total fluke and very out of character for the lovable stupid little fluff ball. But it means we’ve eaten crap all week. My dad ordered chinese last night. Hotdogs the night before. I’ve got to get back on track! We missed out on sausages & onions & peppers, cauliflower soup, Philly cheese steak wraps, tuna, and some assorted sides this week. Which I guess just means I can toss them on the menu for next week. I’m making pina colada chicken tonight. Recipe will be posted tomorrow if it turns out alright.

Did you guys enjoy the refrigerator oats? Everyone in the house is eating them now! OK, the boys and Sara. That’s everyone, right? She’s going to help me make a bigger batch on Sunday and try some new flavors. I need to pick up some strawberry preserves! Her birthday is coming up soon too – she’s asked for cheesecakelettes. So that’s gotta get done as well. I need an extra day or two in the week. Doesn’t everyone?

Essential Oils. Check out my essential oils board on pinterest. It’s just a collection of other people’s information (isn’t that the entire purpose of pinterest?) but it’s growing nicely. I used EO’s years ago, and kind of tapered off using them for one reason or another, but I’m enjoying them again. What kicked it off? We picked up some poop spray at a local farmers market. 6$ to see if it worked, and wow, it does! So I got my own damn EO’s and some glass spray bottles and made my own Shitrus Spray! Michael took the bottle I made in to work, but has opted to leave the bottle we purchased at work (it’s larger) and keep the smaller bottle in his bag. Eshiva helped me make a more christmas scented spray for our own bathroom. Bonus, she picked cinnamon and cloves, so it’s naturally antibacterial in the toilet. I also made a new bottle of thieves’ type oil, and I need to pick up a new carrier oil for some other in-home uses. Like on my dog bite.

I’ll post about my poop spray blend a well at some point. I want to see if I can mix up a better scent that is also antibac but not overpowering. We spray the blend E wanted and I can smell it in the hallway for hours. Then again, maybe she sprays too much.

Looking for EO’s and don’t want to get caught up in a monthly order? Check out Mountain Rose Herbs. I’ve ordered with them for years. I’m not an affliliate. I don’t get a kick back from them for sending people their way. I just really like them and I feel their pricing is fair.


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