#12 – listen

Are you listening, or are you just hearing? If you are just hearing, are you absorbing?    I’ve actually written a Listen post, but I suppose an updated one may be in order. I feel like […]


#11 – learn

I just picked this bundle for my kids. We’ve brainstormed a bundle worth over $300 in the Humble Brainiac Book Bundle Presented by No Starch Press via @humble I’m a fan of life-long learning. […]


Writing Prompt #10 – School

I’m drafting this in the pick up line at an elementary school I’ve been bringing children to since 1997. Last year I watched as the principal that’s been here since then (I think, if not, she […]

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Writing Prompt #9: Red

  Image taken March 2014, © jennifer johnpoll, Today’s writing prompt has been taken over by a photo. Maybe a little bit of writing. Barely a smattering of words strewn across the screen. My hair […]