Mazda 5 Interior Dash

#34 – Drive

I probably meant, what drives you, when I picked drive as word #34. It’s been quite some time since I made that list., Now, with a 15-almost-16 year old who has his permit and who needs […]

disaster, one thing after another, dominos

#26 – disaster

Hello writespiration. It’s been a while since we’ve spoken. It seems fitting to me that I would pick disaster as the next entry.  My life right now is a bit of a disaster. Nothing we […]

rain, Disney, poncho, playing

#25 – Rain

I used to love to go outside when it was raining and just run around and play and get soaked to the bone. That was up north. Down here, it’s rarely a nice cool rain. […]

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#16 – shatter

Some days I am petrified my world will completely and utterly shatter when my husband dies.    I know, why the hell am I even worrying about that now?    Well, firstly, he’s ten years […]


#13 – talk

I’ve been trying to talk to my teenager. It’s like I’ve forgotten they speak a foreign language. If not a foreign language, then maybe our words just don’t have quite the same meaning. Or my […]


#12 – listen

Are you listening, or are you just hearing? If you are just hearing, are you absorbing?    I’ve actually written a Listen post, but I suppose an updated one may be in order. I feel like […]

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#11 – learn

I just picked this bundle for my kids. We’ve brainstormed a bundle worth over $300 in the Humble Brainiac Book Bundle Presented by No Starch Press via @humble I’m a fan of life-long learning. […]


Writing Prompt #10 – School

I’m drafting this in the pick up line at an elementary school I’ve been bringing children to since 1997. Last year I watched as the principal that’s been here since then (I think, if not, she […]