Modified Motherhood

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Turning Eleven

My littlest baby is turning eleven today. I have been parenting for 18(ish) years now. Give or take. So she’s kind of getting run down, tired of this shit mom. I mean, how many times can you do fifth grade math? I’m just throwing that out there to get this in perspective. I love my kids, all of my kids, and I like to think I do the best by them in everything that we do. I am ready to do something new, so I am both melancholy about her turning eleven, and super excited.  ...

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Revolutionize School

Why go to school for nine months when you can compress it into six weeks of summer school for full credit?  Why teach how we teach and not focus on one area for six weeks at a time? Six weeks of Algebra. Six weeks of US History . Six weeks of French. Six weeks of Ancient History. Six weeks of Latin. Six weeks of Chemistry. Six weeks of Grammar. Six weeks of Physics. Six weeks of Language Arts. Six weeks of basic emergency first aid. Six weeks of phonics and learning the  ...

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