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Mac & Cheese

I originally shared this on Punky Moms in 2010 – long before we were GF/DF, and I’ve sort of make it GF/DF, but really, if you eat wheat pasta and dairy cheese, it’s the bomb mac & cheese. It’s edible with GF pasta and fake cheese. Edible, but just not the same. I won’t lie. We don’t really eat it much anymore. Because edible doesn’t equal gooey creamy artery clogging tummy aching goodness. Nope.

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Big Batch Jambalaya

I originally posted this Jambalaya recipe to Punky Moms in 2010! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made it since. Originally out of a magazine, I can’t claim it as originally mine entirely. By now, it’s been made, remade, tweaked, added to, and subtracted from so many times, it sure is mine now.  As always, I have no photo. I always forget. I always say “maybe next time” and never remember. So I am not even promising a “maybe next  ...

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Monster B Gone Free Printable

Many, many years ago I had handmade labels for homemade Monster B Gone spray. Then I got fancy and made printed labels. They were amazing. I wish I still had them. Digital backups aren’t forever! My kids are a little beyond Monster B Gone spray age, but maybe yours aren’t? This stuff was a bedtime lifesaver for more years than I can remember.    This Monster B Gone free printable label is designed to be printed landscape, and should be (including intentional white  ...

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Grilled Brisket

*gasp!* A recipe! It’s been so long! I made this grilled brisket for Passover. I wasn’t feeling the same old sad oven made brisket. Don’t get me wrong. I make a phenomenal brisket. I was just wanting something different. I figured we grilled the turkey for Thanksgiving, we’ll grill the brisket for Passover! I found quite a few smoked brisket recipes online, but I was looking less for a long smoked recipe and more for a rub & mop recipe. I came up with this (sorry  ...

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