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Prior to the Matzo Brei post, my last post was on 2/10. When I logged in, I had one major WordPress update and 15 minor updates. I have done nothing for ten weeks. And this […]

Breakfast Type Foods

Matzo Brei

I’m singing the charoset song. It must be that time of year again. Passover. Pesach. Matzo brei breakfast, lunch, and possibly dinner. Because who doesn’t love matzo brei? Sweet or savory, it’s the best way […]

Grilled Brisket
BokBok, Oink, & Moo Main Dish

Grilled Brisket

*gasp!* A recipe! It’s been so long! I made this grilled brisket for Passover. I wasn’t feeling the same old sad oven made brisket. Don’t get me wrong. I make a phenomenal brisket. I was […]

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