Camp Anawanna - Salute Your Shorts

Sleep Away Camp Time

I feel like it’s barely been long enough to need another sleep away camp time post, but here we are, a year later. It’s absolutely that time again. See, camp last year was a sensation. […]


Don’t Borrow Worries

I guess it is autism time. One of the few lists I’ve stayed on since M was dx ASD (and we’re talking what, eight years now?) has quite a few parents with children who are […]

This is an ad. You need a shirt.

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Is anyone else singing in their heads now? You’re welcome. School starts Monday! Maybe your school has already started, and maybe you start after Labor Day (I always did as a kid). Our summer generally […]


Blood Draws are Exhausting

Today was our once-a-year trek to the doctor’s office for an “official” height & weight, and usually little else. Trek is a bit of a misnomer. Our office is barely a ten minute drive away. […]