September, Happy Labor Day

Hellooooooo! It’s September!

Can you believe it’s September? Labor Day Weekend even! I have had a few posts bouncing around since that last one. In July. Nothing I finished. Nothing I really wanted to share.  School has been […]


Making a Menorah

Making a Menorah. Making memories. Being anywhere from the age of three to grown up in a Jewish home meant making a menorah when mom needed to occupy you. It’s a thing. Hi. I’m Jenn. I’m […]


99 Things I Will Teach My Children

I love a good list. First I barely got to 50 things. Then I almost couldn’t limit this to 99 things. Maybe your 99 are different, but this list… this list, along with all of […]

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So I want to go tent camping with the kids. I haven’t been tent camping outside of the backyard since I was a kid myself. I have done plenty of sleeping outdoors without a tent […]


Monster B Gone Free Printable

Many, many years ago I had handmade labels for homemade Monster B Gone spray. Then I got fancy and made printed labels. They were amazing. I wish I still had them. Digital backups aren’t forever! […]

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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Emergency response isn’t something I really give a lot of thought to. I’m competent in basic first aid. I haven’t had anything (knock on wood) happen to my kids or kids I’ve been in charge […]