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Fostering Independence

Fostering independence is crucial. Hear me out. This is mostly about homework, but it has a much wider application. My daughters teacher called me recently to inform me that a) she has not returned an interim that was sent home the day before and b) she is now up to six 6 pieces of un-returned homework, so that means a “3” on her report card and absolutely no honor roll again this quarter. Ok. Tell me something important. So I’m bummed about the interim. Not that she got it, but  ...

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Homework Planners

Did you know? We’re offering up free of charge ModifiedMotherhood’s Homework Planners. Each PDF is one full sized standard page. There are four font options, 1942 Report; Butcher and Block; Ca Postal; and Lulo. I made these for my son to tape right to the front of his 3 Ring Binder. He gets a new one each Sunday night. He isn’t into using a portable planner, and seeing as his binder goes to each class, this makes sure that he knows if he has homework,  ...

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Have you seen this %fuck-yer video? Hilarity. Oh, obviously not work safe. Or possibly kid safe if your kids aren’t mine.  Onto more pressing things. This is turning into a Common Core blog! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to, I swear! This video popped up today and I’ve spent the day in awe of it. I showed it to my dad, who said, in so many words, it’s nuts and math facts are math facts and you memorize them and move on to higher maths. I showed it to my  ...

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