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Ribs! Recipe!

I made these ribs about a month ago. I hoarded almost an entire rack in the freezer, which I’ve just finished tonight. Hoard worthy ribs? Oh yes. And they kept amazingly. The husband helped cut them into threes, I wrapped them in wax paper and then in aluminum foil. They kept fantastically. I’ll add re-heat instructions too, promise. I started with this recipe, but of course I tweaked it! I’m sure the original was good too – but mine were to die for!

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Pesach, GF pancakes and M

What? I have other posts in the making, but I have to share this. By now you know that M is autistic. He is super high functioning genius autistic, but autistic just the same. That means most days he is just fine and you can’t pick him out of a crowd. That means other days we spend in meltdown mode, or the entire day he lives in his headphones ignoring everyone else, and other days he is like the autism spectrum disorder poster child.

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Gluten Free Disney

I want to preface this with, we are not an allergy family. I just put us all on a “crazy” diet (according to the kids anyway) I don’t mean to imply or lead you to believe we have any of the same scary side effects from foods as a family with scary food allergies. That said, we are a gluten free, mostly paleo family and I check labels as carefully as any allergy mama out there. We eat this way to help the behavior of our ASD child and also to help our own overall health.  ...

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