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Free Girl Scout Cookie Printable – Updated for 2015!

Updated Girl Scout Cookie Printable on 12/19 for 2015-2016 Cookie Sales It’s that time of year again! Girl Scout Cookie Time! I found an awesome listing on etsy a few years ago. Inspiration credit where credit is due, and you should totally go buy this person’s files if you like them. I don’t know them, I’m not getting a kick back, but while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I bet they would rather have cash in hand than flattery.  That said, I  ...

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Sleep Away Camp

If you had asked me anytime before M started Boy Scouts who I thought would go to sleep away camp first, I would have said E. D just isn’t interested in that sort of thing, and frankly, I never would have thought M would be either, albeit for different reasons. E; E is my social butterfly. Sometimes Life surprises me.

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The last day of school…

…does not equal rest and relaxation. At least not in my world. I’m all for a lazy summer. And I guess, between the five (six, seven, eight) of us, we have one. But cram all those plans together, and it makes for a lot of runaround! I have therapy, work, dance camp, tae kwon do camp, girl scout camp, boy scout camp, a week traveling, a couple of overnights I’d like to plan, a couple of trips to the Keys I’d like to plan, visiting to do… man, the summer will be  ...

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Common Core

My last few instagrams have been tagged with #commoncore #commoncoresucks #ihatepicturesofmath #floridaeducation #thirdgrade #math and I should have added #frustratedthirdgrader #frustratedparent and a few other choice #expletives on top of those. That image is the most recent. I used a slightly different one as my post image,  but both contain math problems that we had problems deciphering. I deduced that the answer was ‘a’ only because solving the equations produced an  ...

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