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fostering independence

Autism, Ehler-Danlos Syndrome

Special Needs, Smecial Needs

Raising independent kids in spite of their special needs. I feel like I spend a lot of time talking about this with other people, and then even more writing about it here.    I spent the other morning taking care of medical stuff. We need to get the Boy Scout Form C filled out for M for camp. While we were there I had to pick up the 504 information that E’s rheumatologist was supposed to send over. But there was nothing. We did get her official diagnosis papers, which I guess  ...

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Education, Parenting

Fostering Independence

Fostering independence is crucial. Hear me out. This is mostly about homework, but it has a much wider application. My daughters teacher called me recently to inform me that a) she has not returned an interim that was sent home the day before and b) she is now up to six 6 pieces of un-returned homework, so that means a “3” on her report card and absolutely no honor roll again this quarter. Ok. Tell me something important. So I’m bummed about the interim. Not that she got it, but  ...

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