Half Page Weekly Menu Plan – New Files!

Offering up free of charge ModifiedMotherhood’s 2015 planner half-page menu plan. Each PDF is one page, each page has two weeks. This planner is being offered in two different font options, so pick your fav! This year we’ve got  or . 


Meal Prep & Planning

I just finished planning out my meals for next week. I leave some wiggle room, and we often wind up moving meals from one week to the next. Overall, it works out well, and it […]


Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 2013 (thankfully) didn’t bring too many surprises. Don’t get me wrong, there were some, just not as many as some previous years. This is a good thing!

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Summer Days

Summer Days

Summer is creeping up on us and I’m trying to figure out what it will bring my family this year. Pretty much every single plan (vacations included) I had has been cancelled for one reason […]


Round Up, Slacker Style

I read a lot of blogs. A stupidly huge amount of blogs. Most of them are for recipes. It’s the least expensive, laziest way for me to build up my recipe obsession. You see, I […]


Money Money Money Money Money

Is anyone else singing (or just hearing) the O’Jays in their heads? Yep. So I just deposited this weeks and next weeks savings into the savings account, so I have a grand whopping total of […]

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Have you saved this week?

The other day I posted this, and since today is payday, it means I can catch up to week five and deposit 15$ into my savings account. I also set up an automatic transfer for […]

Note: This is mostly a repost of a post I made in November of last year, with a few additions/updates. I know, I know. I was touting just a couple of months ago. But […]