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Not every job is glamorous, but Every job is important

Not every job is glamorous, but every job is important. I was struck by that darn pressing “gotta do it now” inspiration yesterday morning. My lovely daughter has been making the most amazing LEGO machines. I asked her if she was planning to be an engineer, and she shrugged at me. She’s 10. She is more into playing right now that worrying about what her future may bring. I’m down with that, but on the other hand, I worry about what my kids various futures may bring  ...

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Ramble, Write-spiration

#30 – tattoo

“i would really very much like a new tattoo. which is free. which i still can’t afford. because fuck everything. and even if we had lots of spare time and nothing else happening i still wouldn’t know what i want other than the ability to disappear into the oblivion of just feeling instead of thinking.”

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Free Girl Scout Cookie Printable – Updated for 2015!

Updated Girl Scout Cookie Printable on 12/19 for 2015-2016 Cookie Sales It’s that time of year again! Girl Scout Cookie Time! I found an awesome listing on etsy a few years ago. Inspiration credit where credit is due, and you should totally go buy this person’s files if you like them. I don’t know them, I’m not getting a kick back, but while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I bet they would rather have cash in hand than flattery.  That said, I  ...

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