Tiny House

Is Tiny Living Anti-Consumer?

Is tiny living ultimately anti-consumer? Or is it pro smart consumer? Maybe somewhere in the middle? Neither? We have truly been evaluating every purchase. More so than I ever did while trying to save money […]


Half Page Weekly Menu Plan – New Files!

Offering up free of charge ModifiedMotherhood’s 2015 planner half-page menu plan. Each PDF is one page, each page has two weeks. This planner is being offered in two different font options, so pick your fav! This year we’ve got  or . 


Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner, growing up, was a huge event. We’re talking dinner for 40+. To be fair, so were most of the other holidays. Chanukah brought with it a mountain sized pile of gifts, after all, […]

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The last day of school…

…does not equal rest and relaxation. At least not in my world. I’m all for a lazy summer. And I guess, between the five (six, seven, eight) of us, we have one. But cram all […]


Meal Prep & Planning

I just finished planning out my meals for next week. I leave some wiggle room, and we often wind up moving meals from one week to the next. Overall, it works out well, and it […]

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BokBok, Oink, & Moo Main Dish

Ribs! Recipe!

I made these ribs about a month ago. I hoarded almost an entire rack in the freezer, which I’ve just finished tonight. Hoard worthy ribs? Oh yes. And they kept amazingly. The husband helped cut […]

Summer Cooking Camp

Summer Cooking Camp at Sur La Table

I got this awesome email from Sur La Table this morning. No lie. I love that store. I think it ranks first in my list of kitchen porn stores to shop at, right before Williams […]