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Shut Up and Drink Your Beer

I’ve been sitting on this post for a little bit now. Amusingly, I sat on my tidbit about Zaide for a week too.   Much like with Gram in 2013, we all squished into the car (one seat per person is NOT enough room when traveling for more than 3 hours) and drove north for a funeral.    I hope it is the last one for a very, very long time.    Two Sundays ago, we took two cars, because we didn’t have the SUV that day, and went to visit Zaide. We visited him in his  ...

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Ramble, Write-spiration

#30 – tattoo

“i would really very much like a new tattoo. which is free. which i still can’t afford. because fuck everything. and even if we had lots of spare time and nothing else happening i still wouldn’t know what i want other than the ability to disappear into the oblivion of just feeling instead of thinking.”

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