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Sleep Away Camp Time

I feel like it’s barely been long enough to need another sleep away camp time post, but here we are, a year later. It’s absolutely that time again. See, camp last year was a sensation. Camp was such a hit that we pre-paid for camp (I only underestimated by 6$!) waaaaaay back in February. 

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Allergy Friendly Care Packages

I’m sure you’ve realized by now that my entire house is on what turned into a paleo-friendly diet. It started as gluten-free/dairy-free and grew from there. I’m not saying it’s a magic cure-all for the reason we eat this way, but I can say I see a marked difference in not only behavior, but also in digestive problems, skin problems, and general icky-ness when we have a “cheat” day. That said, we are *not* dealing with life threatening allergies and I  ...

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