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Turning Eleven

My littlest baby is turning eleven today. I have been parenting for 18(ish) years now. Give or take. So she’s kind of getting run down, tired of this shit mom. I mean, how many times can you do fifth grade math? I’m just throwing that out there to get this in perspective. I love my kids, all of my kids, and I like to think I do the best by them in everything that we do. I am ready to do something new, so I am both melancholy about her turning eleven, and super excited.  ...

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Curated Miscellaneous Stuff

Since my birthday is coming up soon, and since I’m not winning the lottery for my birthday and getting to go on a huge shopping spree, I’ve curated a list of stuff I’d get if I did suddenly have a boatload of money and nothing better to spend it on.

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