Blood Draws are Exhausting

Today was our once-a-year trek to the doctor’s office for an “official” height & weight, and usually little else. Trek is a bit of a misnomer. Our office is barely a ten minute drive away. […]

Avaz for Autism (app)

Avaz for Autism (app review)

I posted about Avaz in May 2013 and this past week I we had the chance to use the updated version of Avaz (disclosure, I was given a copy of the app for reviewing purposes).

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Common Core

My last few instagrams have been tagged with #commoncore #commoncoresucks #ihatepicturesofmath #floridaeducation #thirdgrade #math and I should have added #frustratedthirdgrader #frustratedparent and a few other choice #expletives on top of those. That image is the […]


New IEP accommodations

So I had this all written up as a facebook update, and it was getting longer and longer and I decided to make it a blog post. You know, because it was too long to […]


Autism, Autism Speaks, and Me

My autism list has blown up with this Autism Speaks drama. That this woman called autism a national tragedy and if a million children went missing our nation would be up in arms to find […]

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I have a blog? Who knew?

So busy.  So busy I started this post November 7! Yes, a month to finish a post. And honestly, it’s still not finished. I’m editing for content. I’ve had all these posts floating around in […]


Jumping Off Bridges

Me: Why are your eggshells in the box on top of the trash? Your trash belongs in the can. M: There was other trash on top – it looked like everybody was doing it just […]