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Metal Stamping

This week I’ve decided that metal stamping is the thing to do. Man, don’t even ask how I decide these random things. Just go with it. Everyone else in the house does. So I picked up a couple sets of letters & numbers, and I just ordered a few additional accoutrements, and some blanks, and we’re gonna see what kind of mess we can get into with the kids. OK, I’m going to see what kind of mess I can get into with some, but probably not all, of my kids. I know at least two were interested in making things. I’m kind of excited to see what they make! Truth be told, I am always excited to see what kids come up with when given [random] supplies and a minimum (or no) of instruction. Not necessarily lacking the “how to” instruction, but conveniently forget to mention the “put this piece here, put that piece there” type instruction. Instead of painting by numbers, erase the numbers, mix the paint, add some mixed media, and make a mosaic!

I decided to do mostly keychains, mostly because I purchased custom stamp keychains for Chanukah and the kids really seem to like them. I ordered some bracelet blanks too because the first kit I got (that came with one set of letters) came with bracelet blanks and, well, I screwed up the first one, and the second one came out well. Maybe too well, as I struck too hard and it damaged the metal and a few too many (like, three) bends to form the bracelet and put it on and it broke. Oops. But the letters looked nice and they wanted custom bracelets. So bracelet blanks were ordered! I picked up some other blanks as well, and sort of have an idea, but not anything set in stone, er, metal. Yet. Ha ha. 
I kind already have this whole store lined up in my head which is funny because I’m pretty sure I know I’m never actually going to start selling anything I make. I never seem to get around to that part of the plan. However, I do think that cute tokens would do rather well so picked some of those. I may just see how they work as gifts and go from there. Kind of like the wish coins that you can buy at Disney, but not. I’m actually kind of imaging cute little wish tokens that say things like “BELIEVE” and “WISH” and “HOPE” and “DREAM” and “FUCK YEAH” and “HERO”. I sure did slip a fuck yeah in there ;) I might add in a “THE SHIT” and “THE HELL YOU SAY” and “FUCK LUCK” and “BONNE CHANCE” and a “MERCI” just to round out the collection. How cute would “tooth fairy tokens” be? The kids can collect them, or trade them in to mom or dad for cash and prizes. Like we’re on some secret filming of “Let’s Make A Deal”. I think they would sell like hotcakes. Or I could just slip them in with change when I pay for things. If I still paid for things with change. Like a little surprise at the bottom of a cereal box, just a little bit of sunshine for whoever is dealing with cranky customers. Oh! Or we could slip them into tip jars. That’s probably a more likely scenario. Maybe I could market them as “Extra Fancy Extra Tip Coins” with an enormous disclaimer that they are not meant as a tip replacement, but as a tip enhancement. 
They say every person has a “million dollar idea” and they just need to recognize it. Part of me is terrified I’ve missed mine, and part of me is convinced I have had/will have 500,000 two dollar ideas ;) 
Regardless of (in lieu of? instead of? forgetting about because it’s never gonna happen?) insta-bajillionaire ideas, I am pretty excited to have something to do with my kids over spring break next week. I’m assuming we won’t come away with any crushed fingers or hurt feelings. I’m assuming we will come away with something amazing and surprising, because my kids are just awesome like that. I’m sure there is another metal stamping post in this modified mother’s future.

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