Free Range Parenting

Free Range Parenting. I love that term. Today I am waiting at Starbucks, across the street form Barnes & Noble, waiting on a client. My boys, who opted not to go to camp this summer, walked across said street, money in pocket, all by their lonesome selves, to kill a couple of hours.

Would I send them from home by themselves? Nope. But this is doable. This is even doable from their school. And my boys, who are a couple of months shy of 11 & 13, are super excited.

So am I.

I haven’t dropped them off anywhere before. I’ve dropped off my older one. He’s come to The Walk after school to hit up local businesses. The other one starts sixth grade this year. It’s new for him. It’s new for me.

And I’m not panicking. D has his phone. And really, I’m right across the street, but even if I weren’t, they’re good to go. They behave. They can count their change. They can defend themselves.

Super excited. They get some well “earned” freedom and I get a matcha frappa something or other and maybe a paycheck. Woot.

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