Sometimes you just need a hidey-hole

A few weeks ago (a few months ago?) I was cleaning out my armoire that has been repurposed as a linen closet and was about to get rid of a bedskirt. M got ahold of it, decided he liked how it felt, declared it his, and make a hidden-hole. Then he asked me what it was. You would think that would be the first question, but hey, not everyone thinks in the same order that I do.

So I explained what a bedskirt is, how to use it, and why I was getting rid of it. We’ve never, ever used a bedskirt. Ever. He declared it a dress (as he kept forgetting it was a skirt) and slept with it as a sheet for a few nights. 

This particular bedskirt is made of something that feels like a satin without being satin. The entire thing. So it’s an entire twin-bed sized “sheet” with a ruffle of more “silkie” material. My sensory kid was in heaven. 

Sometimes you just need a hidey-holeThen he decided it was too hot (the material doesn’t breathe. At all. Polyester? It’s synthetic hell.) and propped it up on the shelf/dresser/thing next to his bed and made a lean-to out of it. And there it has stayed. It’s turned into his hidey-hole. I’m ok with that. There are certainly days I wish I could get in a secure place and just read. Or rest. Or whatever. 

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